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Shipping Schedule - 发货时间

A-Z Magic doesn't do shipping everyday. To prevent our precious customers from not knowing when are we going to ship their orders, we kindly provide a shipping schedule. With this schedule, you are able to plan the best time to make your order and know exactly when your order is going to be delivered.

* You will need to make payment at least one day earlier than shipping date and before 3PM in order for us to deliver your order.

A-Z Magic不提供每日发货。为了不让我们宝贵的顾客不知道他们的订单将在什么时候被寄出,我们提供了一个发货时间表。根据这个时间表,您可以计划您最佳的订购时间,您同时将非常清楚我们将在什么时候寄出您的订单。

* 您必须在发货日前一天的3PM前付款以方便我们发货。

Shipping Date In Near Future - 近期的发货日期

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