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Terms & Conditions - 条款

  • Stock will be randomly picked and sent to our customers unless our customers specify the color wanted for the gimmicks.
  • We will make sure that the gimmicks are in good condition and give certain level of protection to them before sending them out to our customers. We will not be responsible to any damage caused during the mailing process. Please do not worry as usually magic stuffs will not spoil so easily.
  • We will not be responsible for any mistake made during the mailing process, unless the mistake is caused by us (eg. Address written wrongly by us). In such case, we will resend the order.
  • There is no warranty for all electronic devices, please buy at your own risk.
  • Some products are expensive due to their extremely clever secret, not their material.
  • Images of some of the products are just for reference, the real products may not be exactly same with that in the images.
  • After you have made your purchase, please obey the following magician's golden rules:
    • (1) Keep the Secret a Secret
      The fun of magic is mystifying your audience. If you tell how a trick is done, the mystery and excitement will be gone.

    • (2) Do the Trick Only Once
      The first time you show an audience a trick they will be surprised at what happens. If you show it a second time they will know what to expect and be more likely to figure out how you did the trick.

    • (3) Practice Before You Perform
      Make sure you are comfortable with the trick before you perform it for an audience. Spend time practicing each part of the trick. When you practice it is important to say what you are doing, just like when you perform the trick. Remember to be dramatic and excited. You are putting on a show!

  • 顾客若想获得指定牌背颜色的道具,可在订购时注明您所要的颜色,否则本店讲随机发货。
  • 本店会确保货物在寄出前是完好无损,并在包装时给予适当的保护,本店将不负责任何运输途中所造成的损坏。请放心,一般魔术道具是不易损坏的。
  • 本店将不负责任何运输上的失误,除非错误是由本店造成(例如本店写错买家地址)。
  • 所有电子产品均没有质量保证,购买时请自行承担风险。
  • 魔术贵在于它的秘密,不在于它的材料。
  • 一些产品的图案仅供参考,实际物品也许和图案中的不完全相同。
  • 购买魔术道具后,请遵守以下的魔术师戒条:
    • (1) 保守魔术秘密

    • (2) 同一套魔术只表演一次
      第一次表演时,观众会对发生的事情感到惊讶。 如果你再表演一次,观众将预先知道将会发生的魔术效果,并有更大的机会看穿魔术秘密。

    • (3) 表演前先练习