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Artifact Coin r2 Set (4 Coins, Copper, Half Dollar Size)


Video 影片

Revision 2 of the coins that were built for precision sleight of hand

Latin Phrase meaning:

"I Remain Unvanquished" - (invictivus maneo)

"From Possibility to Reality" - (ad posse ad esse)

Finding a minter that would produce such a coin for Ellusionist was a challenge in itself. Our requirements for these coins were very specific in order to attain the qualities that coin magicians covet. Every detail had to be exact, the weight, the thickness, the edges & milling, the color of metal, the darkened patina areas, the design detail, the glide, the noise... there are not many coin makers in the world who were willing to be held to such standards.

At one point, Ellusionist was told by our coin maker, that they did not want to work with Ellusionist any longer because of our strict quality control. However, when the coins were completed, those same people said that they have never made such a beautiful product and they understand now why Ellusionist was so precise.

"Wow, they're amazing. " - Daniel Madison, Advocate of the Deceptive Arts

• Masterfully crafted and beautifully designed. 

• Cast in soft metal as recommended by top coin magicians.

• Low 'talk' and noise.

• Smooth glide.

• Edges & milling engineered to match antique, worn coins.

• Designed in house by Jason Brumbalow, Lee McKenzii, and Brad Christian.

• Highly resistant to wear, scratches and impact.


Artifact Revision 2 New Features & Enhancements:

• New Latin phrases on coin face.

• New Copper color for color changes.

• Sharper edges & deeper milling for better grip.


"Elegant, stylish and handle like a dream." - Eric Jones, Top Coin Pro

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