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PhotoShop Designer Combo Pack - PhotoShop 专业补给


Video 影片

No instruction

This Designer Package consists of 19 photo cards, 8 completely different practical and classic effects pre-made to save your valuable time. 

Photo Cards include : 

1. Mystery Card Set (Blue & Red). Perform mystery card without having to carry a bulky gimmick! 

2. Mini Deck Set (Red & Blue). Perform Will Tsai's Mini Invisible Routine. A multi-phase routine for the workers. 

3. Spare Key. A surprising impromptu effect that will always be with you. 

4. Sponge Ball. A great open production for the time tested classic. 

5. Half Dollar. Magically produce a coin to introduce your favorite coin routine. 

6. Quarter (US). Putting a borrowed coin into a photo. 

7. Balloon. For the special altering reality routine. 

8. Gum. Perform G.'s pet effect, 2D Gum Pack routine.




1. 神奇牌组(红和蓝)- 不需要携带扑克牌也能表演神奇的扑克魔术

2. 迷你扑克(红和蓝)- Will Tsai的迷你扑克流程

3. 备用钥匙 - 你会时常表演的即兴魔术

4. 海绵球 - 经典海绵魔术很好的开场

5. 硬币 - 神奇地将硬币从照片中拿出来以变硬币魔术

6. 硬币 - 将硬币神奇的放入照片里

7. 气球 - 将照片里的气球吹起

8. 口香糖 - G的口香糖魔术

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