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The Newsletter Tricks by Mathieu Bich (DVD + eBook)


Video 影片

The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! 

Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one volume, as well as 5 new and never-before-published bonus effects and 2 hidden bonuses ! You'll blow away both spectators and seasoned magicians. 

This DVD (for the demonstrations) / eBook (for the explanations) will help you to learn to do these tricks the easiest way possible.

Most of the tricks require you to add a little extra something to your regular deck of cards: a piece of scotch tape, a double-backed card or a folded card, for example. These details will allow you to work wonders ! The tricks are easy to set up: You'll find everything you'll need around the house. 

Based on new concepts and new methods, learning these illusions will help increase your creativity. 

Among the effects, you'll find:

  • A card chosen that floats out of the deck as if magnetized by your fingers
  • A twisted card that pops back to the top of a deck placed on the table
  • A card that changes colors before your eyes as it passes through the deck
  • Matches that disappear from under one card to appear under another
  • A card chosen at random that turns into your real credit card
  • A new technique for doing an acrobatic double lift...
  • A card that levitates a few inches over the deck
  • An instant sandwich effect before your eyes
  • And more!

DVD Running Time Approximately: 15min

eBook Pages: 62

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