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Colossal Blizzard - 巨大风暴


Video 影片

We all LOVE the type of magic tricks where the hardest thing about performing them is keeping that SMUG look off our faces. In other words, the exact OPPOSITE of nervousness ;)

Colossal Blizzard is the reason I've been feeling smug lately. The setup is done before my spectators even realize a trick has started, then the rest of the performance feels like a 100mph sled-ride down Mount Everest. 

Created by professional card magician Anthony Miller, Colossal Blizzard combines two of the most devious principals in magic to produce a walk-around masterpiece. Instant reset and NO need for tables means you can DEPEND on Colossal Blizzard for your paid gigs. 

One card is NAMED, removed from the pack and given to your spectator. Seems pretty mundane so far, until you dump about 51 TON AVALANCHE on their brain by showing the entire deck is BLANK. The best part? There are no deck switches, and only 52 cards are ever used. Didn't I remind you to keep that smug look off your face?? 

We're proud to offer you professional caliber, PRACTICAL magic tricks like Colossal Blizzard but we also know it's not perfect for everyone. If you have any questions about whether CB is right for your next show or gig, email and you'll get a fast reply from a professional magician on our team. 

And seriously - while you're waiting for your package to arrive, work on keeping a straight face! 

A spectator selects a color, a suit, and a number... The selected card is the only card with a FACE in a blank-faced deck of cards! 

Self-contained. Only 52 cards are used.

  • No deck switches!
  • No gimmicked cards!
  • No difficult sleights!
  • Just great magic!


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