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Born to Perform Card Magic (2014) by Oz Pearlman (DVD)


Video 影片

Learning card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks.

World renowned magic instructor, Oz Pearlman will start you at the beginning of card magic and take you to a working professional's level. You'll progress faster than you thought possible by focusing on only the most powerful moves. This is a complete course in card magic without any filler.

By the time you're finished you'll have learned 7 full-length professional card tricks. You'll master the fundamentals, learn four of the most powerful controls, develop three high-powered forces and pick up five ultra-visual flourishes.

This isn't an encyclopedia -- it's an arsenal. Only the most powerful weapons of card magic are included.

Once you've mastered these key moves you'll be able to perform anytime, anywhere, with just a regular deck of cards! Imagine how it's going to feel to have the power to entertain crowds. Card magic is a skill that changes you, like riding a bike, or learning a new language. It's a super-power you'll have forever.


  • Demo
  • Intro
  • Mechanics Grip
  • Biddle Grip
  • Pinky Break
  • Thumb Break
  • Double Lift
  • 2 Card Monte Performance
  • 2 Card Monte Tutorial
  • Swing Cut
  • Swivel Cut
  • Double Undercut
  • Swing Swivel Undercut
  • Overhand Shufflfle Control
  • Spread Cull
  • Slop Shuffle Performance
  • Slop Shuffle Tutorial
  • Biddle Trick Performance
  • Biddle Trick Tutorial
  • Hindu Shuffle
  • Dribble Force
  • Spread Cull Force
  • Ultimate Transpo Performance
  • Ultimate Transpo Tutorial
  • Swivel Change
  • Erdnase Color Change
  • Ambitious Card Performance
  • Ambitious Card Tutorial
  • Top Palm
  • Gamblers Cop
  • Card To Mouth Performance
  • Card To Mouth Tutorial
  • Trinary Cut
  • Pendulum Cut
  • False Overhand Shuffle
  • Thumb Fan
  • One Handed Fan
  • Springing Cards
  • Le Paul Spread
  • Hot Shot Cut
  • Blossom Production Performance
  • Blossom Production Tutorial
  • Bit Of Business
  • Recommended Resources
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Credits

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