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Coin Thru Box - 硬币入盒

Video 影片

A spectator’s signed coin magically melts through an ungimmicked card box. It’s that straight forward. That clean. Everything is examinable. Here’s what you get.
Imagine borrowing a coin from someone-anyone. The coin is then signed by a spectator. There’s no switches. No awkward moves. No difficult sleight to learn.

All you do is take the coin, drop it into the cellophane, and then have the spectator feel it and verify that it’s there. They can see it right there. With nothing more than flick of the wrist, it melts through the box and rattles around inside. They saw it, but now it’s inside. Crazy.

所有东西都能完成被检查 知道原理后,不只是用于牌盒,还能用于香烟盒或其他类似的盒子

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