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Anttack - 别惹蚂蚁


Video 影片
Video 影片

 A card is selected and the spectator's favorite food is drawn on its face. The card is lost in the deck and the performer's hands are shown to be empty. The cards are spread face down and one is seen to be covered in printed ants. The card is turned over to show that it is in fact the selected card. With a flick the printed ants fall off the card and shower down into the spectator's hands. The card is then given to the spectator to keep.

ANTTACK is perfect for leaving that lasting impression on your audience. Starts with the emotional attachment to food and end with a surprising fist-full of ants. 


魔术师请观众随意选一张牌并且在牌上画出观众最喜欢的吃的东西~~然后叫观众把选的牌放进牌堆中,并展示双手空空,当在次看到观众的牌时 上面竟然爬满了蚂蚁,之后魔术师竟然可以把在牌上的蚂蚁散落到观众的手中~~哈哈哈哈 吓死啦吓死啦!!!!!哈哈哈哈  有趣 超有趣  百变不厌!快表演吧!!!泡MM超级好用的道具 也是近景魔术的极品哦~


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