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The Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation (3 DVD Set)


Video 影片

DVD ONE (2 hours 11 minutes) 

History of card manipulation

What is card manipulation?

How did you get interested in card manipulation?


Who are your mentors?


Back palm

Back palm teach-in

Continuous production of single cards from behind the hands 

Continuous production of single cards from behind the hands VARIATION

Continuous teach-in 

Sideways grab 

Sideways grab teach-in

Cardini card production

Cardini variation

Cardini teach-in



DVD TWO (2 hours 2 minutes) 

Sheridan production teach-in

Push production

Push production teach-in

Front hand grab production teach-in

Paul le paul

Paul le paul teach-in

Sheridan variation on fingertips production

Sherdian variation on fingertips production teach-in

Two handed production incorporating sherdian / lane card spin production

Sheridan's interlock card production

Sheridan's interlock card production teach-in

Bob hummer card production

Bob hummer card production teach-in


Tap vanish

Tap vanish teach-in

Tap vanish grab production combination

Vanish of single cards behind the hands

Vanish of single cards behind the hands teach-in

Thurston combination

Thurston combination teach-in

Toss vanish of a fan

Fan vanish teach-in

Two handed thumb fan

Two handed thumb fan teach-in

Thumb fan teach-in

Close fan

One hand fan

One hand fan teach-in

Two handed single fans

Two handed single fans teach-in

Double thumb fans

Double thumb fan teach-in

Giant fan

Giant fan teach-in

Reverse thumb fan

Reverse thumb fan teach-in

Fanning powder application


Spinning teach-in



DVD THREE (1 hour 49 minutes) 

Fan production (full)

Split fan productions teach-in

Front split

Front split teach-in

Improved front split

Sheridan front-split teach-in

Fan prod with gloves

Fan prod with gloves teach-in

Sheridan cards from silk


Cards from silk teach-in

Loads & steals


Routines performed with gloves


BONUS: cards from mouth 

BONUS: cards from mouth teach-in

BONUS: arm spread

BONUS: arm spread catch teach-in

BONUS: dai vernon color change 

BONUS: dai vernon color change teach-in

BONUS: simple one hand cut

BONUS: simple one hand cut teach-in

BONUS: double faced card techniques

Final thoughts



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