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Panic (Combo) by Aaron Fisher (2 DVD + Gimmick)


Video 影片
Video 影片

Set includes: One set of gimmicks + Old Version DVD + New Version DVD

全套包括:一份道具 + 旧版DVD + 新版DVD

They came. They saw. They vanished.

The four Kings are shown and are slowly and visibly placed into your back pocket. The rest of the deck is spread cleanly. And then it happens.

The deck instantly vanishes in your hands — it visibly melts away — leaving only four cards. The cards are shown to be the Kings. And where's the rest of the pack? In your back pocket. No sleights. No funny moves.

Panic has the power to leave your audiences stunned, and leave their jaws on the floor hours after you've left their presence. This is the trick people talk about. This is the trick that will make you a legend. This is the trick that makes people panic.

Aaron Fisher will walk you through the trick step-by-step, in detail, with unparalleled instruction. Filmed on the streets of Las Vegas, the Panic DVD shows you just how convincing this effect is in front of real-world, street-smart audiences. Every question you have will be answered.

Shot in high definition and mastered to DVD, Panic is directed by Wayne Houchin and Dana Hocking. This is the reputation maker you've been looking for.

Check out these features:

  • Self working, visual magic
  • Use Panic to open or close your show
  • Use any deck of red Bicycles
  • Serious room for the sleight-of-hand worker to grow. Once you master the basic effect, learn Aaron’s advanced handling, Widespread Panic
  • Critically acclaimed

You won’t believe how good this trick really is until you try it for yourself!

Pick up Panic today, while you still can, and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.



After years off the market, the best vanishing deck routine in history is back, now available in red and blue backs. And there's more. Watch Aaron's new 45 minute DVD video training online-directed by Wayne Houchin. You'll be performing Panic for your own stunned audiences in minutes! 

Check out these great features:

Requires no skill. If you can hold a deck of cards you can start amazing your friends in minutes.

Use with any Bicycle Rider or Mandolin back design.

Perform it close-up, standup or surrounded on the street. It looks like real magic!

Makes a stunning opener, amazing middle or a powerhouse closer!

Instantly resets. Totally Examinable. Totally Commercial.

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