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Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Season 2 (3 DVD Set)

Show One
  • Death Saw
  • De Kolta Chair
  • Turning a Bentley into a Lamborghini
  • Making a String Quartet Disappear
  • Passing Through a Steel Wall
Show Two
  • Making a Girl Vanish from a Table
  • Levitating a Girl on a Floating Table
  • Dismemberment
  • Making a Girl Appear from a Set of Clothing
  • Making an Elephant Appear in an Empty Parking Lot (surrounded by spectators)
Show Three
  • Head Being Cut off by a Guillotine
  • Making a Girl Appear/Disappear from a Cabinet
  • Houdini Milk Can Escape
  • Making Dancers Disappear from a Stage
  • Chain Through Neck
  • Levitating from Building to Building
Show Four
  • Making a Bomb Squad Car Disappear
  • Assistant's Revenge
  • Sawing a Girl in Half in a Torture Device
  • Sticking a Rose Through a Girl
  • Passing Through a Turbofan
Show Five
  • Making a Woman Disappear From a Cabinet and Reappear Somewhere Else
  • Passing Through a Steel Plate
  • The Twister
  • Impaling a Woman With a Sword
  • Surviving Being Cut Up in a Wood Chipper
Show Six
  • Teleporting From One Oil Drum to Another
  • Topsy-Turvy (Flipping a Box But Not the Girl Inside It)
  • Magically Writing On a Slate Board
  • Cutting a Girl In Three
  • Teleportation
Show Seven
  • Levitating a Girl on a Table
  • Making Girls Appear in a Crystal Cylinder
  • "Twilight Zone" Door
  • Disembodied Princess (Removing the Magician's Torso)
  • Impaling a Girl on a Spike
Show Eight
  • Houdini's Magic Trunk
  • Making a Girl's Middle Disappear
  • Evil Spirit Pyramid - Conjuring Spirits
  • Catching a Selected Card in the Air with a Sword
  • Escaping the Blades of Death
Show Nine
  • Magic Barrel (Through the Eye of a Needle)
  • Houdini's Fish Bowl
  • Playing Card Through Street Window
  • Asrah levitation
  • Making Girls Appear In Mid Air
  • Holding Breath Under Water For 18 Minutes
Show Ten
  • Making a 1200cc Motorbike Disappear in Mid Air
  • Spinning a Girl Upside Down
  • Spirit Room with Disappearing Medium
  • Levitating a Foot off the Floor
  • Making a 5 Ton Military Vehicle Appear From Nowhere (In an Empty Parking Lot)
Show Eleven
  • Woman Vanishes From Steel Plate In Mid Air
  • Crushing A Woman With A Steel Plunger
  • Transformation Of Skeleton To Dummy To A Girl
  • Floating Through A Solid Steel Frame (No Wires)
  • Penetrating A Plate Glass Window Without Shattering It
Show Twelve
  • Producing Girls From Within Triangle Screen
  • Making Live Birds Appear And Vanish From Boxes
  • Crushing A Woman And Putting Tube Through Her Body
  • 16 Ton Trolley Car Levitates And Disappears
Show Thirteen
  • Making A Girl Vanish In A Giant Game Of Three Card Monte
  • Creating A Woman From A Cloud Of Smoke
  • Hand Being Cut Off In Guillotine
  • Dividing A Woman In Three And Head Over Heels
  • Walking On Water (Surrounded By Spectators)

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