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Insane by Andy Nyman (DVD + Gimmick)


Video 影片

Do you believe in fate or destiny?

You remove an envelope from your pocket. It is sealed. There are no secret compartments or hidden flaps. You explain that inside this envelope, there is one prediction. One card, sealed. No matter what the spectator says or does, nothing can change the outcome. It is fate. It is determined.

You give the spectator a deck of cards. They examine. They shuffle.

You are completely sure of your prediction, and to prove it, you tear open the envelope, showing a face down card. You are committed. And to make things even MORE fair, you turn the card over. They see the identity. They see the future.

After they finish shuffling, you ask the spectator to start dealing cards one by one onto your left hand. Whenever they feel like it, they can stop - and deal the NEXT card face down onto your right hand.

When the moment feels right - when intuition strikes - they stop dealing.

They deal the next card face down onto your right hand, leaving just two cards: your exposed prediction, and their face down selection. Suspense builds. How could they POSSIBLY match? They examined the deck. They shuffled the deck. Nevertheless, their card is slowly overturned, and it MATCHES your prediction.

30 minutes of detailed instruction by Andy Nyman: actor, magician, co-writer, director, and producer for Derren Brown. Andy is a man of many talents, and within this DVD, you’ll get a front row seat showing the inner work of his dangerous mind. Gimmick included, you need to use your own deck and a special something that is readily available in most places.

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