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Misled - 大卫穿钞笔


Video 影片
Video 影片

A $100 bill and (in most cases) a pencil are borrowed from a member of the audience. The borrowed bill may be marked for later identification if desired. You proceed to use the pencil to pierce a hole in the center of the bill-there`s no doubt that the pencil is truly through the bill. Watch the audience gasp (especially the bill`s owner) at what happens rip the pencil through the bill-the audience clearly sees the pencil rip through and they can hear the sound of paper ripping! Yet, somehow the bill is left completely unharmed!You offer to repeat the effect, this time the pencil mysteriosly melts through the bill in slow motion-it looks unbelievable! Both the pencil and the bill may then be handed out for complete examination.

大卫考伯菲在电视专集中演出的节目! 引出一连串各种各型的穿钞效果纷纷出笼,想模仿同样或超越的道具及演法;但是到目前为止,仍以原始的方法最为玄奇! 向观众暂借一张百元大钞,并请他以铅笔在上面签名以证明绝无掉换。 你立刻用这只铅笔在钞票的中间穿过去,可前后交待,绝无任何可疑之处! 你再将铅笔横向拉出钞票,观众可以看见而且听见钞票撕开的声音,但是钞票仍然完好如初! 更进一步,你可以使铅笔再度穿出钞票,不过这次更为神奇,你并不是一下子拉出铅笔,而是慢慢使铅笔好象「溶出」般地穿出钞票! 铅笔与钞票可以立刻交给观众去检查!


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